7 Things You Should Follow To Stay Safe In This Holi

Holi is one of the most colorful and vibrant festivals of India. Although the festival of Holi brings great joy with some people left suffering from skin rashes, eye allergies, and discoloration of hair. Dermatologists always advise people to be extra careful during this festival by playing with organic colors. Not just human beings, animals are also affected by the mindless application of color on them, especially stray cats and dogs.
To make the festival of spring more joyous and memorable, here are 7 safety tips that we can follow:

1) Our skin is the largest organ and it's important to protect it from synthetic colors, which often contain some harmful ingredients. So we wear clothes that cover as much of our body as possible and hair is cover with scarf or shower cap. On the uncovered part of our skin and hair apply oil or moisturizer on liberally so that it is easier to get rid of the colours later.

2) Protect our lips and eyes tightly closed while someone smeared color on our face. Our eyes can be protected by wearing sunglasses and remove contact lenses before venturing outdoors. If color enters the eyes immediately rinse them with cold water.

3) Herbal and natural colour like turmeric, tea leaves, henna, marigold flowers etc can be a very good choice for playing Holi as they don't harm skin much.

4) Use more of red or pink colors which look good and can easily take off. Gaudy purple, green, yellow, orange have more harmful chemicals in them and should be avoided.

5) Never throw balloons filled with colored water on anyone, as it may cause some internal injury. Respect our natural resources and street animals and pets. Chemical colours are extremely harmful to them.

6) The official drink of Holi, bhang when consumed in large quantities can lead to increased blood pressure and a hike in heart rate. Drink in moderate quantity and avoid mixing it with alcohol.

7) If any irritation develops after the use of colours, wash the area with cold water and apply calamine lotion and a good moisturizer.

Last and Most Important Thing If any severe complications occur, must consult with Doctors for better treatment.
Wish All of you a Happy and Safe Holi.